Monday, June 25, 2012

On Despair and Getting Back Up

By Eitan Divinsky

By Eitan Divinsky, Jerusalem, Israel, 6/25/2012:

Where are you?
Brighter, better days?
Where do you lay hidden?
When will you return and stay?
How long I've longed for you to come and reawaken me from this dreadful slumber?
How much longer will I wait for you?
Some things I know, but the majority are there to be discovered.
How much time will it take to bring back those who've stumbled?
Upon the path we all set upon in the beginning,
I can now hear the bells tolling, I know the feeling,
When one gets hurt,
Falls, cries out,
When one can't go on anylonger,
When all's doubts,
How much more suffering?
Why the guns and armor?
How much more muttering?
Of days gone by,
Of good, kind folks gone asunder?

When one cries, he should always know:
That good days shall return again,
The laughter's flow,
Will fill all sanctuaries,
Tall and low,
Will penetrate the city walls,
Will find its way,
To days gone by,
Will return and stay!

When one cries, he should always keep in mind two things:
There's no despair in this world,
And all's for the good,
We should always bear this lesson in mind when thinking of giving up in life unless,
Unless we're to fall into a pit of no return,
Fear not, my valiant friend,
Fear not,
And thou shalt weather the storm!

-Eitan Divinsky.

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