Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Running

My second wind, my second chance at life,
For you I beckon,
For mere burden and strife--
Cannot accomplish what love can,
I long for you,
My second wind,
In this here, Holy Land.

I run,
No stops, I run for running's sake.
I run to end all running,
To cease all that is fake,
I run for promises of better days to come,
I run because I can,
I run because I love to run!

And if you see me running one Jerusalem night,
Yell out to me,
Tell me of my peoples' might,
The might to keep on going,
To run when everyone around's sitting still,
To run without fear of running from an ill,
To run and not know how to harm, injure, kill,
How to be the best one can and yet,
Allow others to be that too,
To run and know that even though you can outrun others,
You shouldn't follow through.
To run,
To feel the sweat upon your face, the wind upon your back,
To always run,
To never crack.
To keep on steady,
"All aboard" the captain shouts!
To keep on running
As the pressure mounts.

You know, you can keep on running from the things you fear,
Or you can run for running's sake alone,
Whichever one you choose,
You're not alone!
I've run my whole life and you have probably too,
I run to keep on running,
Why do you?

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