Monday, October 29, 2012

Chitown Bears On Fast Track to Superbowl?

As I walked down the picturesque Ben Yehuda, surrounded on all sides by cute, little cafe's and an a variety of shops aimed at attracting American tourists, I couldn't help missing my hometown of Chicago, especially my beloved sports teams: the Bulls, White Sox, and Bears (I'm not a Cubs fan and the 'Hawks might not even have a season to speak of so...).

Da Bears are coming off a less-than-stellar offensive performance. Star quarterback, Jay Cutler, hasn't looked like he did last year and he certainly hasn't met the expectations that were set when he came over in a blockbuster trade from Denver. He has been good enough to hold his own against some less-than-average defenses such as yesterday's Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, and Indiana Colts to name 3 out of the Bears' first 7 opponents.

Our defense has been pretty incredible. We're currently ranked 7th overall, but I have a feeling that this stat will improve as the season continues. How about Tim Jennings and "Peanut" Tillman leading our secondary to a ridiculous amount of interceptions!?

Jennings had two more yesterday vs. Carolina. Tillman had one against Dallas and another the following week against Detroit as did Lance Briggs. The latter has had an outstanding career with the Bears. Brian Urlacher is getting better with every game. His play has steadily improved. In short, the Bears' "D" leaves little to ask for other than perhaps, just perhaps a trip to the Superbowl. Is that too much to ask for for a life-long Bears' fan who just happened to be a 4-year old living in Soviet Russia last time we won it all!?

As far as other stories (besides the Bears) going on in sports, there's the Giants winning the World Series, Peyton Manning and his return to the NFL, my favorite female tennis player, Serena Williams winning an insane number of majors in '12, Da Bulls revamping what seems to be their entire bench and starting the '12 campaign without former MVP Derrick Rose, and oh, did I forget to mention, a whole new Israel Football League season about to start (or has it started already?).

...and now back to Ben Yehuda and the array of delicacies it has to offer...

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