Thursday, February 14, 2013

Illegal Sudanese/Eritreans and Unemployment in Israel

Note: A few months ago, I published a post on why I was a proponent of the African refugees staying in Israel. Since, then, I've had many discussions on the topic with my friend and roommate, F. He provided the clarity I needed to re-examine my position on the subject at hand.

It's been tough finding a full-time job lately. I've been asking the usual question of "Why?" and it would appear that the problem lies in the illegal immigrants who've made their presence felt in Israel.

Over the past 10 years, thousands of Eritreans and Sudanese have made their way from Northeast Africa through the Sahara Desert to Israel, the only country that comes close to resembling a "democracy" in the Middle East.

The smart thing to do would have been deemed as "inhumane" by all the "peaceful" humanists who felt no pangs of anguish when Gush Katif was being evacuated. The government should have acted quickly and decisively (something our government almost always fails to do) in sending the "refugees" (these are people who, unlike of my family who was really fleeing religious and ethnic persecution in the former USSR, are coming to Israel on the pretext that they're running away from ethnic cleansing) home.

We haven't yet, and it may be too late by now. Just as was the case with the Russians who came to Israel in search of work and a better lifestyle, and who weren't halachically Jewish, we're already feeling the consequences of the illegal African immigration wave. The Russians brought theft, vodka, and prostitution with them. Now, it's the Africans' turn.

There have already been cases of rape and murder. They live in all the major Israeli cities, and in the smaller villages as well. They usually congregate in small groups, and stay to themselves, but there are cases when they start hitting on Jewish girls, try to attend parties, and other events, etc. This is clearly a negative influence on Israeli society that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Not only are the African immigrants the source of trouble, they're taking work away from Jews. If they aren't doing so in plain view, they're doing so by way of their presence alone. Because employers feel that they can exploit these immigrants and treat them any way they please, they prefer to go to this sector first before looking at olim from N. America, or any other place in the Western hemisphere.

Proponents of unrestricted immigration from N. Africa will undoubtedly call me a "racist" for saying the above, but I consider if my civic duty to call on Israel's government to do its utmost to send back the Africans. In fact, I'm not a racist. I treat each individual according to their own merits. I dislike the "group"--not the "individual." It's all about group action--not the behavior of individual human beings who always have the capacity and free will to change their behavior. The African immigrants as a whole have brought their barbaric behavior with them to Israel. This must--and cannot--be ignored.


  1. Are they Jews these people? You have not made it clear whether they are Jews or not. If they are Jews, they have more right to be in Israel than all of the western Jews, the ashkenazim. This is fundamental to Israel that it doesn't become another westernized ashkenazim colony. The real Jews are the brown skins, not the white and pink skins. Remember this, it is fact. It is the brown skins who were slaves in Egypt, who fought and perished on Mount Masada, who lived in harmony with our Arab Cousins until the so called creation of the state of Israel in 1947.

    1. Hey Yigal! Thanks so much for tuning in! Of course I was talking about non-Jews. I would never, ever talk about Sefardic Jews this way. I have the utmost respect for the Sepharadim' customs and way of life. I, myself, pray nusach edot ha'mizrach half the time, and I think all Jews whether white, black, or brown are "real Jews" so long as they have a Jewish mother.

  2. North Eastern Africa, not North Western.

    There are no jews in Sub Sahara Africa. The ethiopians jews themselves became christians 150 years ago. The Sudanese are muslims or animists.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Anon! I see you liked my article (I deleted the other one like you asked me to). Have a good evening :-)


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