Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can the Miami Heat be Stopped?

As Lebron Jame's Miami Heat continue their domination of the NBA, the concrete answer that enters my mind to the question posed above is "No, they can't." Point blank period.

The latest tour de force came at the expense of one of this year's Eastern Conference disappointments, Atlanta Hawks, currently in a tie with Boston for 6th/7th and 14.5 back of Miami in a Southeast Division that was decided before the opening tip of game 1 this year.

Dwyane Wade has had yet another All-Star season. He scored 23 points on Tuesday night, in a game that was never in doubt from the starting whistle. The unflinching Miami squad extended their winning streak to 19 games.

Now's the time for me to start saying "I told you so!" to all y'all. I made a bet with a close friend of mine that the Heat would go on a 7-peat when they put together their freak show three years ago. It didn't happen. Dallas got the better of them in '11, but folks, it's gonna be all Heat from here, and they're not gonna be de-throned for another 4-5 years with D. Rose sidelined for G-d knows how long.

This is a true freak show, make no doubt about it. James is a machine on a mission, D Wyade is a special specimen not to be forgotten, and Chris Bosh is all that and a bag of pistachios. Take it to the bank, guys: El Heat will at least 5-Peat!

Reporting from the capital of the world...this here disgruntled Chi Bulls fan...and we thought we could do it...

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